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Celebrity Predictions for March 2022 and Beyond

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the psychic predictions of The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Psychic reading to see what the future holds. They were transcribed the exact way these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the Spirit World.

The future is not static. Therefore, based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God is in control.

Celebrity Predictions for March 2022

Note: Before reading these predictions please go back and read my prior predictions. Many of my prior predictions have already come to pass.

1. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez: Sadly, I still see a breakup for this couple in the near future as they are not equally yoked for long term. I predicted in 2021 that they need a baby to save this marriage and I still see that. I also see that Ariana will move on with a new love and it could be a big name celebrity.

2. Tyrese Gibson and Zelie Timothy: They look cute together but I see that he will always be the problem in his relationships, now and in the future. Sadly, I see a very nasty break up in the near future for this couple.

3. Kanye West and Chaney Jones: I see that this relationship will not last and that he is only making these women more popular and relevant. I don’t see any love between these two. I see that he will always be the problem moving forward unless he works on his internal self, stay humble and less ego. I also see he needs to work on himself spiritually.

4. Julia Fox: I see that she should be thankful to Kanye West for making her relevant again. This year, I see so much opportunity for her including her getting good acting roles. I also see that she needs to take care of her health. If she remains humble and grounded I see her career taking off in a major way.

5. Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton: This couple looks great together and there is good energy flowing between them. I see two babies for them in the near future. Sending them positive energy and many blessings.

6. Jennifer Hudson: I see that her new talk show will only be a success if she does three things: remain humble, don’t try to be perfect and treat her staff nicely. If she does those things her show will be great because I see that at times her ego and emotions can be her undoing. Sending positive blessings and praying for success for her this year.

7. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky: I see that she needs to take it easy and stop moving around because she could put her baby in a health scare situation. I see that she needs to relax and keep away from events for now until after the safe delivery of her baby. Sending positive energy for her and her baby now.

8. Sherri Shepherd: I see that her talk show will do great in Fall but she will have to have a fresh team around her who she can truly trust. I see that she has to be careful about what she takes to eat and drink from people on set. I see that she needs the best spiritual protection because I see that she will be getting sick at times like how Wendy Williams was on her show. Praying for Sherri’s success.

9. Danica Patrick: I see that she will find new love in the second half of this year, and she needs to choose wisely this time around. I see that she needs to stay humble, grounded and work on controlling her emotions and that is when she will be happy in love and family again.

10. Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera: I love their energy together and they look great. Sadly, I see that he will break her heart in the near future. I see that she needs to protect her heart from now.

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