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Celebrity Predictions for March 2023 and Beyond

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the psychic predictions of The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Psychic reading to see what the future holds. They were transcribed the exact way these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the Spirit World.

The future is not static. Therefore, based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God is in control.

Celebrity Predictions for March 2023

Note: Before reading these predictions please go back and read my prior predictions. Many of my prior predictions have already come to pass.

1. Brad Pitt and Ines De Ramon: I see Brad has to be careful with his health. I see that he will be moving into a new home; more movies will be released and many business deals ahead. However, I see that he and Ines are not a good match long-term and will break up in the end.

2. P. Diddy: I see him being implicated in scandals because many of his enemies are out to get him. I also see one more baby in the future for him.

3. Sam Smith: I see him having a mental breakdown and ending up in a very dark place in the near future. I see that he is a very talented and good person however he needs to get away from the energy vampires around him.

4. Jeannie Mai and Jeezy: I predicted their first baby together and now I see another baby for this couple in the near future. However, I see that Jeannie needs to pay attention to her health. I see this couple is happy and in a very good place in their relationship as they both sincerely love each other. I also see they will be traveling overseas.

5. Kanye West and Bianca Censori: I see Kanye is in a good place with Bianca and their relationship. However, I see that he has to protect her spiritually and don’t have her around his ex-wife and her family. I see that’s the only way he will have peace.

6. Andrew and Tristan Tate: I see that the Tate brothers are being taught a lesson. I see that they are being made an example of, by way of public humiliation, to break them mentally. I see them both having sleepless nights full of worry and stress. I see their release will be even more delayed and one of them will get very sick.

7. Will Smith: I had predicted Will’s Oscar win and that he would get a second chance with his career. I see he is still working on his shadow side to be a much better person. I see that if he makes another mistake, his career as an A-list actor will be over.

8. Chris Rock: I predicted that his life will never be the same again after the Will Smith slap. I see that he is still in a state of shock till this day. I see that Will Smith will be settling money out of court with him.

9. Big Latto: I see this year will be her year only if she protects herself spiritually. I see new, lucrative contracts for her and that she will also be moving into a new house. I see that she has to protect her mental health. I also see new love and a baby for her in the near future.

10. Kim Kardashian: I see new love for Kim this year, in the next few months. This time around she will choose wisely as this person will blend in with her family and friends. Finally, there will be happiness for her in the end.

11. Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin: I love the positive energy of this couple; they have a nice glow. I see this couple having fun this summer and going on vacation together. However, I see Taylor worried and stressed at times. She has to protect her mental health by keeping away from negative people. I see that she also needs to keep an extra eye on Joseph.

12. Avril Lavigne and Tyga: A few months ago, I accurately predicted Avril’s breakup with ex-Mod Sun. Now, I see that for her and Tyga they will be having fun together until they get bored of each other. I see that Avril has to be careful of getting pregnant by Tyga.

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