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The Spiritual Fixer’s Remote View for 2020

January 2020

The Spiritual Fixer’s Remote View for 2020

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the intuitive messages that were received by The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Remote View for the year 2020. They were transcribed as these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not static therefore based on the healing energy of love; faith and the power of prayer things can change. God is in control.



  1. I see that Nancy Pelosi will send over the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate and he will be acquitted quickly.

  2. I see that our current President will be re-elected. He will ultimately be victorious in the Electoral College.

  3. I see that more than 50% of the US population support the current President however they don’t want their coworkers, friends and family to judge them or think they are racist so they pretend they don’t support him when they are in public.

  4. I see that the current US President has the support of the business community. Wall street loves him and they will continue to support him due to his pro-business stance.

  5. I see that President Trump is very intuitive and can see people for who they truly are within the first 5 minutes of interacting with them. He is always 10 steps ahead of his enemies.

  6. I see that President Trump is a genius who knows how to use psychology to influence his base and to his advantage on social media.

  7. I see that if people pay attention they will notice the current President uses the strategies outlined in the books ‘48 Laws of Power’ and ‘The Art of War.’

  8. I see that Germany and Russia are working behind the scenes with the US to save the Iran Nuclear deal. The US President will sign off on it. They will get Iran to stand down for now. It will be a deal similar to the one that President Obama had negotiated.

  9. I see that Iran will NOT attack Americans on US soil. They are afraid of this President and know if they were to do anything that he will retaliate.

  10. There will be more scandal and allegations made against the current President but nothing will stick.

  11. The House Democrats should listen to Nancy Pelosi. She really didn’t want to impeach the President but felt that she had no choice if she wanted to hold on to her role as Speaker of the House. She has lots of wisdom and knowledge and the party can go further if they listened to what she has to say. The younger democrats are too impatient and lack a solid strategy.

  12. I see that the Democratic Party does not have anybody right now with the bravado and swagger to be victorious over the current President in 2020.

  13. I see that if the Democrats select Senator Biden to run in the General Election his enemies will create a lot of scandal and allegations about him. He is a good man and the allegations will not be true but some people will believe it and voters will be turned off in the swing states of PA, SC, NC and MI.

  14. I see that although Michael Bloomberg has lots of money and is a successful businessman he does not have the swagger or “IT” factor to be victorious over President Trump in the general Election. Also, Bloomberg’s enemies have a lot of negative information about him that they are just waiting to use it if he were to ever win the nomination.

  15. I see that Corey Booker is a good man with a good heart however both him and Deval Patrick know they are not going to win the nomination. They are playing for a Vice President a position at this point.

  16. I see that Amy Klobuchar is a good person however she will not win because she does not have the energy to excite the voters as Elizabeth Warren.

  17. I see that Elizabeth Warren is full of energy and sincerely loves people. She is running for sincere reasons and really wants to make a positive difference in America for the average Joe.

  18. I see that although Pete Buttigieg looks sharp on camera he will not win. He does not have the swagger or bravado to win the nomination much less the general election.

  19. I see that Tom Steyer has been running for President since 2017. He is a good man and like Bloomberg he does not have the charisma to excite voters to win the nomination much less the general election.

  20. I see that Bernie Sanders has a good heart and speaks the truth but he had the best chance of winning in 2016. I don’t see him getting the 2020 Democrat nomination.

  21. I see that the Democratic Party needs to accept the loss on the Presidency and focus their energy on trying to take back the Senate. If they take that approach in the long run the party will fare better.

  22. I see that some of the Democratic house seats will be in trouble especially the ones who voted to impeach the President. The best way for the Democratic Party to save face is to focus their time and resources on the House and Senate races instead of the Presidency.

  23. I see that the Democratic Party can pick up 6 Senate Seats from the Republicans in this Election. They stand a great chance.

  24. I see that a Supreme Court judge will retire this year or early next year.

  25. Please be alert and cautious when traveling overseas during Spring and Summer. I am seeing attacks in France, Middle East, England and Germany.

  26. I am seeing lots of domestic attacks during the lead up to the General Election. People please be alert, show each other love and send positive energy to each other instead.

  27. I see President Obama helping young people interested in careers in politics in the future.

Sports & Entertainment

  1. I see Tiger Woods will win 2 big majors this year. He is getting back to his old self with renewed confidence.

  2. I see Serena Williams winning 3 Grand slams this year. It is important for her not to meet with her friends before each match but meet with them after the end of each game.

  3. I see P. Diddy still hurting from Kim Porter’s passing. He really did love her and she was one of the few people besides his mother who truly understood him in general. I see him getting better with time and the person to help him is Tony Robbins.

  4. I see that Naomi Osaka can regain her status as number 1 if she reunites with her former coach Sascha Bajin. The message to her is to try and work things out because he knows you very well and do not panic if you ever lose a match again. Stay focus and believe in yourself strongly and you will be back on top soon.

  5. I see Trey Songz facing legal troubles and allegations. He needs to get himself the best crisis team and attorneys as soon as possible. If he doesn’t fight back now there will be jail time in the future.

  6. I see Cardi B doing great things in business for 2020 and continuing to be very successful. I also see her having another baby later this year or next year. The message to her is to stop responding to her haters online because she is a huge superstar now. Hire a PR Rapid Response team to respond to them instead.

  7. I see that Kevin Hart is a good guy who has a lovely family that loves him dearly. He needs to pay attention to the signs around him at all times because I see there are no more room for mistakes because he will lose everything he worked so hard for.

  8. I see that Nicki Minaj will bounce back on her own time. I see her working on starting a family because that is what is most important for her right now. This is the phase of her life that she is in right now. She is very smart and talented. Look out for her coming back out strong before the end of the year.

  9. All of the young popular rappers in the game need to stay off all private jets and tour buses because I see them running into legal problems.

  10. I see the rapper DA baby will continue to be in trouble with the law and be in and out of jail this year. He will need to get a fresh, new team whom he will respect and listen to in order stay out of trouble with the law.

  11. Meghan Markle will get pregnant by Fall of this year or Spring of next year. I see her marriage lasting for about three years. The Royal family is not happy with her right now and as a result things will be much worse for her in the tabloids. She will however do great in business and make a lot of money.

  12. I see Gucci Mane having great success in music and business this year.

  13. I see that Tyler Perry will continue to have a great year in business with lots of new business ventures. His mother and ancestor spirit guides are with him 24/7. He is a genuinely good and nice person. He is the real deal. He also needs to safeguard himself and get additional security personally and for his studio.

  14. I see Meghan McCain leaving the View this year.

  15. I see Lizzo having 2 new hit songs for 2020. She is beautiful and talented. The message to her is don’t let people’s negative comments break your confidence. Continue to maintain your focus and as long as you don’t respond back to trolls online you will continue to do great.

  16. I see Kanye West being even more successful with his music and businesses this year. His wife and her family really do love him dearly and he loves them. They helped him to heal and get back on top.

  17. I see Rob Kardashian getting full custody of his child.

  18. I see that Corey Gamble loves Kris Jenner deeply and he is very loyal to her. He is not going anywhere and they make a great love match as they are both private. He will not let anyone come between them.

  19. I see that Khloe Kardashian has an amazing and caring heart. She is very loyal to her loved ones. Although her and Tristan are no longer together and she will never trust him 100%, they get along nicely and are great coparents.

  20. Although Jeezy and Jeannie really like each other I see that they will fizzle out by the end of the year.

  21. I see Priyanka Chopra getting pregnant this year.

  22. I see Trevor Noah continuing to be successful in his career however he needs to be careful as allegation may be hurled against him.

  23. I see Jimmy Fallon having health issues. His family and close friends need to check on him.

  24. I see Tamar Braxton and her boyfriend will get married this year.

  25. I see Jada Pinkett Smith and her Red Table Talk being even more successful in 2020. The message to her is that if she takes the show on the road she will do even better especially if she takes it to big cities or overseas to Africa.

  26. I see Ben Affleck having health issues. His family and close friends need to check on him.

  27. I see that Gabrielle Union’s controversial firing from America’s Got Talent will adversely affect her working with the big studios however she will still flourish and work with people like Tyler Perry and his studio.

  28. For the 92nd Academy Awards 2020, I see these stars are going to be winners: Renee Zellweger, Martin Scorcese, Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix; best picture is The Irishman and Laura Dern for best supporting actress.

  29. I see Monique losing the lawsuit with Netflix. The message to her is that she needs to make peace with Tyler Perry and her former friends. With humility she can be back on top like the old days. She also needs to get a new management team so that people will work with her again and she can make millions.

  30. I see French Montana being crushed by an enemy financially. The enemy he has is not going to stop and his career will end this year.

  31. I see that Taraji P. Henson will do great things this year in business and in her acting career. She is in a great place in her life right now. She is glowing with love and positive energy with her partner. The message to her is to please choose your future acting roles very carefully and have a strong prenup before getting married. Positive blessings.

  32. I see that Steve Harvey has to watch out for people coming out of the woodwork to attack him personally in an attempt to destroy his brand and reputation. He will need to fight back to protect his business empire.

  33. I see Russell Simmons getting in legal trouble in NYC due to the change in the laws.

  34. I see things continuing to be great for Kandi Burruss and her family both personally and in their businesses. However, one thing that I see concerns me. I saw that there were frenemies around her daughter. I see someone recording her daughter with video and voice notes to use against her in the future. Please be careful and pay attention to the people around her in NYC.

  35. Mary J. Blige will have a great year and that she is very happy right now. I see new music and acting roles this year and next year for her. Please stay focused on future business ventures and continue to surround yourself with people that sincerely have your best interest at heart. This will ensure that everything will continue to be great in the future.


  1. I am seeing riots in France again. People will be displeased with something the President does in his government over the Summer.

  2. I see Nicolas Maduro will remain in power this year but next year that will change. The US will come after him. He will have to make a deal with Russia and China this year if he wants to remain in power.

  3. I see the President of the Philippines having more health problems this year. There is a great possibility he will have to step down from power.

  4. I see more health problems for the President of Brazil. The ancestor spirits of the Amazon are not happy with him at all. He will continue to have many problems ahead unless he changes and shows respect to the environment and the people of Brazil.

  5. I see more flooding for the people of India this year. Please send prayers and positive energy to the people of India.

  6. I see the current President of Ghana being re-elected back to power.

  7. I see many countries in Africa doing great this year: Nigeria, Gabon, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Mali and Ethiopia.

  8. I see Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu gets re-elected in the next election.


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