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World Predictions for April 2023 and Beyond

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the psychic predictions of The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Psychic reading to see what the future holds. They were transcribed the exact way these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not static. Therefore, based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God is in control.

Predictions for April 2023

Note: Before reading these predictions, please go back and read my prior predictions as many have already come to pass.

World Predictions

1. USA – Donald Trump: I see that that the Democrats have to be careful about what they wish for with the Trump indictments. I see that in the next few months he will turn this indictment situation to his advantage.

2. World – Virus: I see that aside from the Marburg virus the people of the world need to pay attention to another serious virus later this year. Prayer moves mountains so let’s pray that these viruses don’t get out of hand around the world.

3. USA - Banks: I see more problems in the banking industry especially with default housing and car loans due to the massive job cuts in 2022 and 2023.

4. World – President Biden: I see major health problems this year for the President. I see that he will also get a health scare and the Democrats will be worried and want to replace him. Let’s send healing energy to him and his family.

5. USA - LGBTQ: I see that transgender people especially Caucasian transgender need to be on high alert after the school shooting that happened. I see that there are some people who will retaliate because they are blaming the entire trans community for what happened. Please be careful out there and pay attention to your surroundings to keep yourself safe.

6. USA – Weather: I see severe and unexpected weather patterns taking place in the next few months in the the following states: Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia and Minnesota.

7. USA – Train Derailments: I see that the people of these states need to be on alert for trains carrying chemicals being derailed or crashing: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and California. Be alert!

8. World – Terrorism: I see these countries have to be alert for terrorist attacks: France, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Syria and Iran.

9. World – Food Supply: I see that the food items we take for granted on a daily basis will be hard to get later this year. Please stock up with food items at least 6 months in advance.

10. World – Shootings: I see that a crazy gunman will open fire at a concert. Everyone please stay alert. Pay attention to anyone acting unusual with a backpack and padded vest. Please call 911 if something does not appear right so that lives can be saved.

11. USA– Seniors: I see lots of confusion around Medicare benefits resulting in many people losing their benefits unexpectedly. I see this fallout will result in lives being lost due to not having the healthcare they need.

Message to the World: “Happy Easter to everyone and have a peaceful Holy week. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful families with positive blessings ahead. Peace and Love.” – Hayden the Master Healer

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