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World Predictions for February 2023 and Beyond

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the psychic predictions of The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Psychic reading to see what the future holds. They were transcribed the exact way these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not static. Therefore, based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God is in control.

Predictions for February 2023

Note: Before reading these predictions, please go back and read my prior predictions as many have already come to pass.

World Predictions

1. USA: I see that the Chinese balloon situation was handled poorly by the Biden administration. I see that it should have been blown out of the sky earlier and by not doing so it made him appear as a weak leader to some people.

2. England – Rishi Sunak: I see rough times ahead for Prime Minister Rishi, especially with the public sector strikes. I see his conservative party will turn on him and that he will be forced to resign in the near future.

3. Canada – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: I see that he will get caught up in some kind of scandal and that will mark the end of his political career. I see that Canada will have a fresh new leader by the next election.

4. USA: I see that over the next few months the Biden administration will be dealing with a few scandals and leaks. I see that these leaks are meant to prevent the President from running for re-election because some people don’t want him running in 2024.

5. World: In my January prediction I predicted a plane crash this year and sadly that has come to pass. However, I see another passenger plane will crash this year with lots of loss of life. Let’s pray that this does not happen.

6. World – Artificial Intelligence: I see that with the new chat bots and Chat GPT rolling out to the public that some people in white collar jobs only have 24 months left on their current jobs before they are gone for good.

7. World: I see two helicopter accidents with loss of life. One with a big-name celebrity and the other with a very important business executive. Let’s pray this does not happen.

8. World: I see this year will be the best time to travel with family and friends especially between the months of April to the end of July. Live your life.

9. USA: I see that the second half of the year will feel much better for some people on a financial level and for others they will be out of work.

10. USA: I see another school shooting will make national headlines this year. Parents, please double check your children’s backpack and pay attention to any change in their behavior. Let’s pray this does not happen.

11. USA: I see another department store shooting will take place, with loss of life. I see it will be by someone who is having a mental health crisis. If you are struggling, please reach out to the Crisis Text line by texting HOME to 741741.

12. USA – President Biden: I see that the Biden family name will be dragged through the mud for the next few months by his enemies. I see that it could hurt him from getting re-elected for 2024.

13. World - Ukraine: I see that this war could be over if the leaders of China, India, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran come together to exert pressure on Russia to stand down.

14. USA: I see that the people of these states need to watch out for massive tornadoes: Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa and Illinois.

15. World: I see a typhoon for the Philippines and a cyclone for India this year with many lives being lost. Let’s pray these events do not come to pass.

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