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World Predictions for October 2022 and Beyond

Welcome! Peace and Love to you. These are the psychic predictions of The Spiritual Fixer when he performed a Psychic reading to see what the future holds. They were transcribed the exact way these messages came through from the spirit realm.

We are NOT affiliated with any political parties. These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs rather these are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not static. Therefore, based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God is in control.

Predictions for October 2022

Note: Before reading these predictions, please go back and read my prior predictions as many have already come to pass.

World Predictions

1. England: I see that England will be in a recession and the people of England will not be happy with the government’s policies. I also see that the Prime Minister of England, Liz Truss, will not be in power by 2024. I see that she will be viewed as a failure.

2. USA: Sadly, I still see more health problems for President Biden, and it will cause him not to run for re-election in 2024. As I have said on many occasions, I still see that the Democrats will be running a fresh team for 2024.

3. USA: I see that every time that President Biden makes mistakes or looks confused on a stage that he is being perceived as weak by some. I see that as a result it is lessening his chances of the Democratic establishment backing him for 2024. Let’s all send positive energy to the President that things will get better for him.

4. USA Midterm Election: I see a few October surprises for some of the candidates who are running in the Midterm elections for the Congress and US Senate. I see that it will get dirty and nasty right down to the wire.

5. Russia: I see that President Putin will come to some type of compromise to end the war and things will calm down. However, I see that before that happens things will be very tense now and for a few more weeks. Let’s all pray it ends sooner.

6. USA: I see that the public have to be on high alert because there are unhinged people on both sides of the political world. I see that they are trying to cause harm to the American people by using guns or vehicles as weapons. Please let us pray that these things do not happen during the election season or ever.

7. Europe: I see that many European countries will be in a recession. Like I predicted last month with the high gas prices during winter months the people in Europe need to buy portable home heaters in advance. I also see there will be more inflation and higher food prices ahead.

8. Canada: I see the people of Canada will experience some trying times ahead due to inflation and a brutal winter season. I also see the end of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political career because his people are disappointed in him.

9. Europe: I see people marching and protesting in the streets. They are fed-up being taxed in France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy. I see problems ahead for these places in the next 15 months and by 2024 things will be much better for Europe.

10. Caribbean - Guyana: I see that the best place for investment in the Caribbean is Guyana. I see lots of business opportunities for companies and small investors.

11. USA Politics: I see that people should go out and vote and not be complacent because they are dependent on the polls. I also see that the Democrats are in trouble in crucial Senate and US Congress races.

12. Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago: I see more hard times for the lovely people of this twin island republic. I see that people are so fedup with the current government because they are out of touch with the regular, hardworking people. I see that the current government will not be in power after 2025. I see a new government in power and the people will be happy again.

13. USA: I see that even if former President Trump gets indicted that he will not go to jail. He will keep everything in court as long as possible and he will be just fine.

14. USA: I see a heavy flu season during the winter months. I also see dangerous winter storms around the country and people will be stranded and need help. Please pray this does not happen especially since I predicted Hurricane Ian.

15. USA Economy: I see the stock market will have more losses in the future in tech and finance industries before things bottom out by the end of the year.

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